Truck Driver Appreciation Week

February 2, 2021 7:00 pm

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is back—with various events around the country planned for February 22 to 28.

The team at NZ Truck & Driver is busy co-ordinating the week’s activities, alongside RTANZ, the Road Transport Forum, and partners.

“We are working towards events around the country where we’ll be handing out appreciative gift bags to as many drivers as possible,” says Olivia Beauchamp, from Truck and Driver magazine. 

“As part of this year’s Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we have also made a significant investment in a nationwide media campaign aimed at achieving some appreciation in the wider community of what it is we do for all New Zealanders—every day—by delivering everything and anything they need. 

“We ask that all operators do their bit during the week to look after their own drivers by making them feel appreciated.” 

RTANZ Chief Operating Officer Simon Carson says the RTA team of Senior Industry Advisors will attend events at various locations around the country during the week. 

“Delayed due to COVID, this is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the critical role played by truck driving professionals in keeping our economy moving. The dedicated men and women of the road transport industry very rarely ask for anything, but during this week in February it will give us a chance to finally say thanks for all they do, especially over the past 12 months. Truck drivers really are the driving force of our economy.” 

Technology supplier MyTrucking is offering the opportunity to win a fantastic original artwork. (See the February edition of RTANZ for details).

What’s on

Senior Industry Advisor John Bond confirms a Driver’s Appreciation Day BBQ will be held at the CVST Glasnevin Station, SH1 Waipara, on Thursday, February 25, from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

“We will be setting up around 9:00am, the ASB BBQ trailer, our RTANZ tent, and some seating, to ensure our life members, who are coming to support this initiative, can escape the heat or cold, depending on the weather that day. 

“CVST have invited Waitaha Health, the rural nurses, to participate in providing voluntary health check to our drivers as well, so it should be a great day. 

“If any of the staff want to come out and spend a little time out there, taking photos and just introducing themselves, feel free to do so.”

The MyTrucking team will also be out and about on the roads during Appreciation Week, handing out goodie bags to drivers stopping in Bulls and in Masterton (check out the My Trucking website for dates and locations).

If you wish to be a part of Truck Driver Appreciation Week please email Olivia Beauchamp at NZ Truck & Driver, [email protected], or call 027 6855066.

For more details, see NZ Truck & Driver’s Facebook page or website: