NZI Bulletin: Commercial Vehicle Returning to Work

September 29, 2021 1:57 pm

Managing risk as you return to your driving routine

Staying safe when returning to you vehicle after an extended break

Returning to work and resuming your normal shifts after a prolonged period away can pose some extra risk. Here are some simple tips on reducing your risk from NZI’s Fleet Risk Management team and Fleet Fit partners.

Think about your work schedule as you prepare to get behind the wheel again.

If you’ve become used to getting up much later than you normally would when driving, start preparing by getting up an hour earlier each morning until you reach the desired start time. This will help prepare you for the early starts to come and build up sleep pressure during the day to help you achieve adequate sleep prior to your shifts recommencing.

Consider your meals and hydration.

Eating healthy and nutritious foods will help to keep you alert and feeling energised. Plan ahead and prepare healthy meals and snacks to avoid having to rely on the options available on the road. Ensure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep hydrated, this will help to improve your focus and alertness.

Ensure you have adequate sleep and haven’t built up a sleep deficit.

Sleep is vital for maintaining positive mental health, a healthy immune system, resilience for stress, energy, and performance.

Perform a thorough check of your vehicle’s condition before getting back on the road.

Do a walk-around inspection of the vehicle making sure it’s safe to use and operating as expected. Ensure you check the tyre treads and pressure; fuel, oil, and water levels; and ensure you check the battery.

Review your WOF, COF and registration dates.

If these are expired or expiring soon, arrange to have them updated as soon as possible. Check the available RUC on the vehicle and where necessary coordinate with your workplace to get this resolved.

Take some time to re-familiarise yourself with the vehicles you use.

Before setting out on the road adjust your seating and mirror positions and ensure you have your logbook.

These simple steps focus your mind on the driving task and bring your attention back to driving safely.

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