Happy New Year to members!

January 13, 2021 10:44 pm

Chief Operating Officer Simon Carson looks at the year ahead — and introduces some new faces at RTANZ.

As we all settle back into our businesses, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each of you a happy, safe, and productive new year. 2020 is a year that dealt us its fair share of challenges, the likes of which, hopefully, we won’t ever see again. COVID hasn’t been eradicated in NZ, but in its current form it seems to be managed to avoid a recurrence, which has sent other countries into further lockdown. Either way, the COVID experience has had a significant effect on all parts of the supply chain. 

Once again, we have seen the media get stuck into the trucking industry after announcements were made that the vessel Constantinos P was being diverted to Northport with its 1,300 containers. It was then the industry’s job to move those containers to Auckland and further south, with upwards of 700 trucks travelling this route to get the job done.  

Media cast a gloomy picture, stating that 11 of 534 trucks inspected were taken off the road. They do not give facts, nor do they focus on the majority of the vehicles that carried out the task with professionalism, compliance, and efficiency. Still, the few pink-stickered vehicles don’t help our cause when it comes to public industry perception. 

Many of you will have noted change at your Association. In recent times, we have seen the departure of the Region 2 and 5 Area Executives, and a process initiated to replace RTA staff in these areas. I am pleased to announce that new appointments have been made for 2021 in both regions for members.

In Region 5,  Lisa Shaw started with us on January 11 in the capacity of Senior Industry Advisor. This title replaces the old Area Executive title and is a truer representation of the job Lisa and the other RTA field staff do. Lisa will be based in Invercargill and her geographical area will be from Southland and Dunedin north to Ashburton in Mid Canterbury. 

It’s likely many of you will know Lisa, who has been in the transport industry, or has held related roles, for much of her working career. Lisa’s portfolio includes, most recently, her group training management role at Alliance Group, MITO learning designer Commercial Road Transport, tertiary education in ITP and ITO vocational training roles, as well as project and marketing management roles. She has also worked in freelance communication and has been involved at different levels with a number of industry projects, including RTF projects and other governance roles. 

In Region 2, I can finally confirm the appointment of Simon Vincent, who will start with us early February as a Senior Industry Advisor

Simon has owned and operated the Truck Journal industry magazine and has been Timaru-based for most of his working career. His knowledge of the transport industry and its people is extensive, and undoubtedly will be an asset to RTANZ and its members in Region 2. 

Simon is in the process of moving to the Waikato/ Bay of Plenty region to be closer to his family who are now based in the North Island.  

 More to come on Simon, with a confirmed  start date to be included in the next newsletter. 

Lastly, Yvonne Stephens has joined us full time from January 2021. Yvonne was employed as a temp in the third quarter of 2020 to work on our CRM project and has proven herself to be a capable and valuable member of the RTANZ team. Her role is largely administrative, however she has expertise in health and safety, policies and procedures, and Information Technology.   Yvonne will be the lady on the end of the phone when you call head office .so please feel free to say “hi”.

I’d like to welcome all three of our new staff, and also recognise the work the entire team has done in 2020 to progress the Association through change to represent a quality value proposition for members. 

We will bring you more on all three new staff members, with full profiles in the February newsletter.