About us

Our Regions

RTANZ is organised into regions
across New Zealand

Who we are

We are a membership based national industry association committed to providing support and development for our members and the road transport industry as a whole. We represent road freight operators of all types and sizes, from courier companies and owner/drivers to large fleet operators and the companies that work alongside the freight transport industry.

Our history

We’re proud of our long and industrious history. We’ve been in the thick of it since way back in the 1920s, tracing our origins back to the Master Carriers Association and the New Zealand Road Transport Alliance, New Zealand’s original two industry organisations. Put simply, nobody has more experience in the freight transport industry than we do.

We’re all about a better transport future

Through a nationwide network of business support and advocacy services, and expert advice, we aim to make it easier for our members to drive success in their businesses.

From questions about regulations and legislation to discreet compliance advice, business management tips and advice to legal assistance, we make sure the only thing our members need to worry about is getting on with business.