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25/06/2019: Free road shows

Members are being invited to take advantage of a series of free road shows being held around the country over the next few months.

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17/06/2019: 2019 law changes: round-up

Here’s a brief overview of law changes that have recently, or will soon, come into effect. Check out what information applies to your business.

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12/06/2019: Unfit livestock evidence needed

Members are being urged to contact MPI and the Road Transport Forum if they have an issue with rejecting an unfit animal for transport. Chairman of The National Livestock Transport and Safety Group (NLT&SG), Don Wilson, says if operators cart an unfit animal, they can be infringed for that. “As an industry that has a vested interest in improving animal welfare issues, we should do all we can to address and improve those outcomes. “MPI has a hotline that concerned carriers can use and I implore livestock transporters to use that in the first instance, followed up by an email to Mark Ngatuere, the Road Transport Forum’s manager of policy, safety, and training. “Mark will collate that and forward to MPI under anonymity and confidentiality for the person or persons forwarding it.”

What Mark needs is:

  • Legitimate cases
  • If you reject an animal for transport please forward information to Mark 
  • State the reason for rejection
  • The date the animal or animals were rejected
  • The animal’s location or the farm and the farmer’s name
  • Whether that same animal has been re-presented later and still unfit for transport
  • Examples where there have been issues identified with livestock you have carted that are not a direct result of you mishandling or ill-treating them.


MPI hotline: 0800 00 83 33
Mark Ngatuere:

16/05/2019: NZTA Safety Alert - Park Brake Failures 

Park brake control valve maintenance and operational requirements for Nissan CK330, CW330, CW380, CW400, CM180, CW400 and CG400 vehicles manufactured between 1993 and 2005.

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08/05/2019: Credit and Debt collection workshops

Credit management specialist Laurie Brenssell will host a series of one-day seminars, in June and July, with special discounts available for RTANZ members. The seminars are designed for credit controllers, credit clerks, credit managers, office managers, sales and customer service, and anyone who has an element of hands-on credit control in your business.

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